Are You Worried About Giving A Speech Or Presentation? Do You Feel As Though Poor Communication Is Harming Your Career?

Finally… “Improve Your Communication Skills… And Become a Confident… Concise… Engaging Speaker!”

“Professional, PROVEN Methods…
Taught By Our Expert Coaches…

You’re about to discover:

  • How to transform yourself from a sweating, nervous mess… into a confident, engaging public speaker
  • The EXACT formula professionals use to nail their speeches… every time!
  • What you need to know to captivate your audience and deliver a show-stopping presentation
  • The #1 Secret behind thinking on your feet and answering any question (no matter how left field)
  • Why Poor Communication Skills can cost you your career!

“From being totally mortified at Public Speaking to just loving it!”

“I would highly recommend this course with Trischel.

I have personally received great skills and went from being totally mortified at Public Speaking to just loving it and now I do my own 3 hour workshops.

Something that was unheard of just over 12 months ago!”

Vicki Sparks
Founder Director

Trish Springsteen

Trish Springsteen
Communication and Public Speaking Expert
Co-founder, Managing Director, and Senior Trainer at Trischel

Dear Friend

I’ve figured something out.

I realise it’s not something you usually hear about…

And maybe that’s because most people don’t see it right away.

But once you know… it makes perfect sense!

I’m talking about the unexpected “side effect” of getting up and speaking.

Don’t worry… it’s definitely not a bad side effect.

In fact… it’s a brilliant side effect!

So what is it?


It’s confidence.

Okay, you’re probably thinking…

“That’s obvious… I already knew that!”

But I’m not finished yet.


Confidence that spills over into other areas of business… and also into your personal life

And you never know exactly when you’re going to need that confidence.

For me, it was during a harrowing, grief-stricken point in my life, 5 years ago…

When my son committed suicide

I was absolutely devastated.

Wracked to the core with the deepest sorrow and grief… more than any person should ever experience.

It was the darkest time of my life.

But one thing enabled me to function (eventually)

…Because of the skills and practise I had in speaking, I was able to get up and deliver the eulogy to celebrate his life.

Yes the emotion and heartbreak was still there

But if I’d not had that confidence, I wouldn’t have been able to do such an important thing… when I was so vulnerable.

Now, I truly hope you never have to go through
something like that in your life…

But I promise, that confidence will take you many places

You’ll have the confidence and skills to make a difference in your life and in your business

But listen…

I have a confession to make…

I haven’t always been a confident speaker.

Years ago, when I had to attend network meetings at my first “real” job, I’ll tell you exactly what I used to do:

Hint: It wasn’t introduce myself with a smile and a business card


I would find the nearest potted plant…

Look for the exit…

Watch the clock…

Mouth clamped shut, looking down at my feet, silently praying no one would approach me…

And as soon as my obligatory 10 minutes of attendance were up…

I was out of there!

Needless to say…

It didn’t do my career any favours!

it was a pattern I kept repeating for years

I’d land a job I was really passionate about… and would perform really well…

But whenever I was asked to give a presentation, without hesitation I’d say “No way!” and shrink away

Not really the ideal employee, huh?

And the thing is, the more often I said “No”, the worse it got.

Every “No” was like a brick in this huge wall of fear I built around me.

And the more bricks, the higher it got… and the harder it was to see out.

To be honest…

I’d probably be sitting at the bottom of a deep well
of fear, built by those “NO!” bricks right now…

If it hadn’t been for a mentor who pretty much grabbed me by the neck, shook me and said,

“Trish! You have a message…
You have passion…
You just have to go out there and DO this!”

She pushed me firmly outside of my comfort zone and held me there until… I started to get up and speak.

And little by little my communication and presentations got better and better.

And each time I got up to speak it tore down one of the fear bricks… until the whole wall was demolished!

And here I am now, more than a decade later…

I’ve gone from that shy wallflower…
to passionate, confident, EXPERT communication coach!

Where I get to take the INDUSTRY INSIDER tips, techniques, and skills I’ve gathered throughout my coaching career and share them with you…

So you can become a confident, commanding speaker too!

So let’s get started!

Actually, before we do…

Tell me, do you share these problems?

You’re not afraid of getting up and speaking…

But when you do, you get all tongue tied and can’t get your point across


You’re not afraid of getting up and speaking



It kind of feels like your mouth and mind betray you.

You might have practised your speech a hundred times but when the time comes to get up and present it all gets tangled and you wind up feeling flustered and frustrated…


You lack “personality” when you present




You lack “personality” when you present…

It’s almost as though you become robotic and just “go through the motions”

There’s no real connection with your audience. You might as well be practising in front of the mirror.

You really wish you felt more “natural” and at ease up there…


You have really good points


You have really good points…

But just don’t know how to get them across clearly

You have a tendency to “waffle on” or go off on tangents.

There’s gold in your presentation but it’s buried down and lost underneath unnecessary “fluff” and it makes you
sound as though you don’t know what you’re talking about…




You’ve got to show them what you’re made of…

No more schoolyard stuff, this is “Make or Break time” in your career

“Make or Break time”



You’ve got to give a lot of important presentations and you need to come across as polished and professional

You don’t want to just “get the job done”, you want to WOW your boss, the board, the associates…everyone in the room!




You’ve never had to do this before…

But you’ve got to give a speech at the wedding/funeral/21st party/book launch etc

You’ve never had to do this before



It’s a special occasion and you want to give the best speech ever!

Only you have no idea how to go about it…

You’d love someone to show you, step-by-step exactly what to do to nail it.




An estimated 75% of all people experience some degree of anxiety
or nervousness when publicly speaking

Or maybe there’s more to it than that…

Maybe you actually feel afraid.

Deeply self-conscious…

You’re afraid of doing something to embarrass or humiliate yourself up there with everyone watching you…

Look, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little jittery before you get up to give a speech….

But in some cases those jitters are replaced with full-blown, wide-eyed panic.

The thought of speaking in public leaves you frozen with fear

You’re afraid of doing something to embarrass

Your heart thumps rapidly and your chest feels tight…

…You feel panicked…dizzy…like you can’t breathe…

Your mouth dries up…You start to sweat…

Your face burns and a deep red flush pours over your head and chest

You feel nauseas…

You’re tense but trembling at the same time….

And then when you open your mouth…

Your voice quivers and shakes…or maybe no sound comes out at all…


Your body’s fight or flight defence mechanism is kicking in.

Telling you this is a dangerous situation and you either need to stay and fight… or flee!

Only, the reality is… it’s not a dangerous situation.

Look, whether you’re deathly afraid or just need a skills boost, the fact of the matter is this:

Fear of, or poor public speaking can cause you to miss out on countless social, academic, and career opportunities

Did you know Warren Buffet had a deep fear of public speaking?

It’s true. And once he learned what to do to overcome that fear, he said:

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist; widely considered the most successful investor of the 20th century



“If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.”

~ Warren Buffet

Simple yet serious stuff.

And that’s why we’ve developed the:




Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program

Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program

So you don’t have to give up your potential!

Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of people become confident, engaging speakers.

In fact, here are just some of our clients:


Jones Lang LaSalle Aurecon
The BQ Business Group Nokia
Australian Red Cross RioTintoAlcan







“I feel empowered to embrace my fear!”

“Loved It, I feel empowered to embrace my fear, practice and preparation.  Passionate and extremely skilled presenters.”

Bronwen Taylor
Workers Compensation Manager
Virgin Blue Airlines

“…Removed the ‘scare’ factor”

Presenters kept it interesting, fun and removed the ‘scare’ factor. Most valuable were strategies to overcome my challenges.

Donna Stone
Stone Consulting

“Helped me overcome my nerves”

Finally I have found a public speaking workshop that has helped me overcome my nerves.  Now I will feel more confident when public speaking.

Elva Nicolson
Senior HR Consultant
Transport & Main Road Department

We’re well respected and have a fantastic reputation

And we put that down to:

We’re well respected and have a fantastic reputation



  • The experience and outstanding quality of our trainers
  • Our unique, interactive style of training – we make it fun!
  • The practical, easy to use content we provide



Our Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program has been specifically designed to allow you to benefit from private, personal, one-on-one training with an expert mentor.


You don’t have to worry about
presenting to a bunch of strangers!

It’s just you and one of our supportive, expertly trained staff.

PLUS this program is all about you!

No wasting your time working through someone else’s communication issues.

We’re focussed 100% on you
– and only YOU – the whole way!

Once you complete the Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program

You’ll come away confident in your knowledge of:

  • The RIGHT and WRONG way to use notes: There’s nothing wrong with using notes… you just need to use them correctly! We’ll show you how to use notes and still make that connection with your audience
  • How to use nervous energy to WOW your audience! Do you often forget what you are going to say next? Well don’t worry because we’ll give you the confidence to speak to dot points rather than memorise your whole speech
  • The BEST way to answer impromptu questions concisely and coherently… using our special formula
  • Proven techniques to structure your presentation – whether it be 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes long!
  • 4 vocal techniques to make that connection with your audience or your client – Practical exercises to improve your articulation and voice… to nail your presentation!
  • How to use specific body language techniques to make connections at network meetings and ensure your audience is getting THE RIGHT message
  • What to do when faced with questions from the media! How do you appear confident and coherent? With the 4-Step Trischel Formula for Effective Business Communication: Listen, Clarify, Think, Answer!
  • THIS ONE’S GREAT FOR THE LEADERS OUT THERE: Master how to link the appropriate communication style… with the appropriate leadership style! NOTE: It’s not one size fits all!
  • What to expect when going into the board room – identify the playing field and how to play by their rules – know what to change and when
  • The power of silence… when to pause effectively, to highlight your message points. What you’re NOT saying is just as important as what you ARE saying!
  • How to ANSWER THE UNANSWERABLE! The right and wrong way to answer hypothetical questions. This one is a GAME-CHANGER in job interviews!
  • And more!

Here’s how it works:

The Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program is fully customisable to suit YOUR needs.

That means you decide whether you want to schedule all your sessions back to back or space them out.

Whatever you like!

(HINT: Back to back is perfect for: If you’re giving a wedding or special occasion speech: engage your audience and match the mood perfectly

Or if you’re preparing for a job interview: how to answer interview questions and convince the employer you’re the only one for the job)

But no matter how you schedule them, you’ll be getting…

Personally tailored sequential sessions, EXPERTLY designed to improve your overall communication and public speaking skills, based on your specific needs.

Perfect for: If you’re an employee who needs to present at board meetings and in front of other groups: further your career by impressing your boss and colleagues

If you’re an entrepreneur who needs to share the message of your business, both in meetings and on the media: get your point across concisely… and sell!

If you’re a business owner or manager and you need to communicate with your staff and clients better: communicate clearly and engage every audience

If you’re a new author and your publisher wants you to get up, speak about your book and sell it… and you’d rather be behind the computer, writing! Banish your fear of getting up and speaking… and clearly convey what you’re passionate about



PLUS: After your coaching program is finished… you get 12 months worth of “Get Out of Jail Free!” calls to use if you’re ever “stuck” before a presentation or speech!

Note: Telephone/Skype/Video coaching is available for remote or overseas clients. Simply click

the order button and select that option on the next page.

Additionally, if you live outside of Brisbane and want us to travel that can also be arranged.

We can discuss all this on our introductory call.



Here’s what to expect
during your one-on-one coaching sessions.

We will:

Communication Style Identify your Communication Style and pinpoint exactly which specific Communication Issues you have (We’ve seen them all and can confidently say there’s no issue we can’t fix!)
conquer your fear of public speaking FOR Equip you with proven techniques and easy-to-follow structures… so you have the confidence to conquer your fear of public speaking FOR
get up and speak confidently and clearly. Work to give you the confidence to walk into any situation (be it an audience of 7 or 700…) and get up and speak confidently and clearly.
Celebrities and Professionals use these same techniques!) Demonstrate the tips and techniques that will allow you to answer any question thrown at you… no matter how left field (Celebrities and Professionals use these same techniques!)
“The 1 Minute Formula” Reveal “The 1 Minute Formula”: How you can pull your thoughts together and clearly hit your target audience… with as little as 60 seconds preparation!
This is great for interviews and board room situations! Teach you how to think clearly on your feet and present your idea concisely and coherently (This is great for interviews and board room situations!)
Success Maximise the skills you already have… elevating you to maestro status. This will really impress and do wonders for your career!
Roll up our sleeves and help you organise a short presentation Roll up our sleeves and help you organise a short presentation (particularly handy for networking and entrepreneurs!)
Ensure your body language

Ensure your body language matches what you’re saying, so you don’t send the wrong message… Remember: 55% of communication is visual!

how to communicate better in day-to-day stuff like emails, phone calls and conversations… Go over and above, also teaching you how to communicate better in day-to-day stuff like emails, phone calls and conversations… Good communication is at the core of everything!

And if you book in today, you’ll receive these
SPECIAL BONUSES absolutely free!


BONUS NUMBER ONE: TIME SENSITIVE!!! FREE Ticket to our Public Speaking Course on 28 November 2013!

Value $517

Time Sensitive




This is your opportunity to take your newly gained confidence and public speaking skills to the next level!





In the Public Speaking Course you will:

  • Identify the specifics of personal and professional communication styles
  • Learn how to overcome lack of confidence in discussing your ideas
  • Achieve a professional format to present ideas to senior management
  • Practice the skills to enable you to add credibility to your
  • communication.
  • Learn how to engage and persuade others by connecting with emotion 
  • and information.

Plus you’ll come away with a certificate of completion, acceptance into the Trischel VIP Club as well as a host of other goodies!

IMPORTANT: This bonus is only available if you book in for OPTION #2, the DELUXE 4 session comprehensive pack

And you MUST book in by: 7 November 2013

BONUS NUMBER TWO: The Secret to Creating Winning Presentations eBook

Value $37

The Secret To creating winning presentations A Must Read

A MUST READ for anyone who needs to give a speech or presentation!

Written by international authority on Public Speaking and Presenting (and Trischel co-founder) Michele Keighley

This easy to follow, step-by-step guide reveals closely guarded secrets of the pros, such as:

  • How to start when all you have is a blank screen or piece of paper
  • The secret techniques used by the Pro’s to turn nerves into excitement
  • How to read your audience and adjust your presentation accordingly
  • Building an effective Power Point presentation. What works and what doesn’t
  • Present in any situation, even without visual aids
  • How to use the right body language to connect strongly with your audience
  • How to use your voice the right way – volume, pitch and timing

This information will put you head and shoulders above your colleagues!

BONUS NUMBER THREE: Checklist on how to prepare your presentation

Value $47

Checklist on how to prepare your presentation



This checklist ensures you’re prepared for anything and everything! Last minute hiccups won’t phase you because you’ve got your P’s sorted:

Prior Preparation and Planning.

And that’s what it’s all about!



Includes thought provoking questions like:

  • If I only had 10 mins to speak – what are the 3 most important pieces of information I need to convey?

And logistical considerations like:

  • What type of microphone – fixed / on lectern / hand-held / lapel / head?

BONUS NUMBER FOUR: Templates for organising and presenting your speech

Value $47




Your new “go-to” cheat sheet for speech preparation!

This easy to follow, “fill in the blanks” template can be used time and time again to ensure you deliver a clear, concise and well-planned speech.

You’ll never worry about forgetting a point again!

BONUS NUMBER FIVE: Our CROWD FAVOURITE 4 step formula to think and speak on your feet

Value $47





This easy to follow structure allows you to formulate a reply to any question… and appear coherent, concise and competent!

This bonus is worth GOLD! And always one of the first things our clients rave about!

And the best part is: you can use this structure to answer emails, construct presentations, for telephone calls and more!

It has a thousand and one uses that all add to you being a world-class communicator!

So now you’re probably thinking…

“Perfect! This is exactly what I need!
But how much is it going to cost?”

And that’s the great part.

One-on-one coaching with our EXPERTS is a lot less than you’d think!

Let me put it this way:

Just one of our workshops will set you back about $517…

But when you book in for our Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program it’s like you’re getting inside access to 4 workshops…

PLUS it’s just you and your coach, one-on-one…

No vying for their attention and competing with others.

Just 4, custom tailored, personalised, one-on-one sessions with your expert coach.

Okay, so back to the price.

Like I said, it’s like you’re getting inside access to 4 workshops… and that works out to be… $2,068.

Plus there’s the premium of having one-on-one, face-to-face time that other places like to charge…

But we don’t do that.


We like to keep it simple and accessible

That’s why our Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program isn’t $2,000.

And it’s not $1,800.

In fact, it’s not even $1,500.

The Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program is only…

… $1,497!

That is a huge saving and the best investment you’ll ever make into yourself and your career.

Remember, what Warren said…

“If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.”

~ Warren Buffet

Do NOT sacrifice your potential!

But make sure you book in right away!

But make sure you book in right away!


Well you see registration for  the Free Public Speaking course ends on 7 November 2013 …

And once that we reach that date (or tickets sell out – whichever happens first) I’ll be taking that bonus down.

So if you book in right now, you’ll be
GUARANTEED to receive your FREE tickets…

But if you wait I can’t promise they’ll be available when you come back to book in later.

Make sense?

So the best thing to do is book in right now.

We want to take away any doubts you might have.

That’s why we offer…





So what happens next?

Well all you need to do now is click the button below and book in for your one-on-one coaching with the Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program.

And remember, there’s only a limited amount of time for you to grab your FREE workshop tickets… so you don’t want to wait and risk missing out!

Click the button below, now.

Here’s a reminder of everything you get when you book in to the Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program

Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program


What you get

Valued at
Your Price

Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program

  • 4 x one-on-one sessions
  • Includes: 12 months worth of “Get Out of Jail Free!” calls
$2,068.00 $1,497.00

BONUS #1: TIME SENSITIVE!!! FREE Ticket to Public Speaking Course

$517.00 FREE

BONUS #2: The Secret to Creating Winning Presentations eBook

$37.00 FREE

BONUS #3: Checklist on how to prepare your presentation

$47.00 FREE

BONUS #4: Templates for organising and presenting your speech

$47.00 FREE

BONUS #5: Our CROWD FAVOURITE 4 step formula to think and speak on your feet

$47.00 FREE



Your Price


You save


Listen, the way I see it you can do one of two things:


You can keep doing what you’re doing.

Muddling your way through presentations.

Going off on tangents…

Losing your place, and your audience’s attention

Sweating, feeling sick…

Or worse – refusing to get up there in the first place.

Hurting your professional image and damaging chances for career advancement…

Not to mention letting friends and family down on those special occasions.



You can book in for the Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program and become a confident, engaging speaker!

Connect with your audience; impress your colleagues (and even better – your boss)

Rest assured in the knowledge that you’re ready for anything!

No question or situation is going to throw you because you’ve been trained by the EXPERTS and are equipped with all the PROVEN tools, tips, and tricks you need to deliver fantastic presentations every time!

Don’t let poor communication and public speaking skills rob you of your potential and success…

Book in now!

Trish Springsteen

“When it comes to transforming people into confident public speakers…we’re the experts!
Book in today and become a confident, engaging speaker… guaranteed!”

P.S Booking in for the Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program is the BEST thing you can do! Improving your communication and public speaking skills will give you confidence and skills in all areas of your life… putting you well ahead of the crowd! (And your colleagues…)

P.P.S Don’t forget there’s a TIME LIMIT on claiming your FREE Workshop ticket, so make sure you order today and don’t miss out! Remember, the Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program and all your bonuses are worth $2763 but if you order today you get everything for just $1497. And that means you save $1266!

P.P.P.S You’re covered by our Crisp $100 Bill GUARANTEE – so why not give the Trischel Personal Communication Coaching Program a try. You’ll be so glad you did!

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